I love discovering ways to change the energy of a room.

An actor's unique perspective

From poetic Shakespeare verse to quick-witted commercial copy, I'm constantly diving into all types of language, swiftly committing it to memory, and delivering it authentically to create a powerful, embodied experience for my audience.

Teaching non-performers

Since 2014 I've transitioned that skill set to clients outside the entertainment industry who are eager to evolve into impassioned, thoughtful leaders at their workplace or institution.

Coaching actors

I'm also an experienced acting teacher, having taught intro to acting, scene study, and song performance at the collegiate level and privately to those at all stages of their careers –– from burgeoning actors to Broadway performers.
Credit card mockups

What do we work on?

Making it sound like you
I'm an expert at getting into the mind of the speaker and creating textual and vocal choices that express your innate personality.
Your energy makes up so much of a performance, so we work on grounding and settling you in your body, your voice, and the material you're presenting.
"Stage Fright"
I'm a specialist in devising ways to combat your nerves, quiet the voices, and make you feel like the leader you are in every room you step into.
Creating Ease
What we perceive as "confidence" is just you expressing yourself freely and joyfully in your element. Tapping into your joy in this work is a non-negotiable!
Vocal Dynamics
The voice is perhaps the most powerful tool of expression we have, and I work to conjure the exact quality that supports your scene, speech or presentation.
Character Development
Who is speaking and why are we listening? Together we discover the depths of who your character is and how they can be manifested with honesty and humanity.


I teach you how to harness:
Speaking with presence and commanding the room;
Engaging your listeners; and
Feeling confident sharing your work in front of any-sized audience.
you ready?