Make each word, movement, and moment count –– deliciously.

As an actor and teacher, I value taut energy, a fully lived-in character, and a hearty, hearty dose of do what you want.

When we work together, I teach you how to:

Uncover the most potent choice.

Think from a creative team member's brain.

And express your point of view with clarity and ease.

I value harnessing a practical set of tools that reveal a playful, dynamic, consistent actor.

Plus, acting must feel easy! Playful! Joyous!

To that end, in our one-on-one sessions we'll:


the purpose your character serves and how to cleanly and specifically go after what you want.


dynamics and juicy variation across your material to tell a detailed, thoughtful, artful narrative.


on-camera technique to place you directly into the world of the story and communicate your confidence in using the lens as a scene partner.


in seeking new depths in your characters and unearth out how they move, breathe, speak, and listen.
We work together via Zoom to deepen the material of your choosing, whether it be a monologue, a scene, audition sides, Shakespeare, or a song.

Pricing is $50/half hour, $100/hour.

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