More people fear the idea of speaking in public over actual death. (!)

But I want you to imagine having a straightforward process at the ready when it comes to delivering your work aloud.

Public speaking doesn't have to look like a fear worse than death.

Rather, it can look like:

Rehearsing effectively and efficiently

Knowing how to shape your vocal quality, strengthen your diction, and enhance the experience you want for your audience.

Establishing genuine connection with the audience

Knowing how to make your material sound like you, never salesy nor sparse.

Befriending your nerves

Knowing how to soothe your butterflies and step into your most confident, commanding, effortless self.

Not spiraling

Knowing how to celebrate your performance and (peacefully) evaluate for next time.

So how does this all work?

Let's break it down.
What exactly do you teach?
Using tenets of acting technique, I teach practical tools on how to speak with presence, command a room, engage your listeners, practice efficiently, and feel confident sharing your work in front of any-sized audience.

These tools were developed by me in my career as a theater, film and television actor, in which I refined the process of preparing various kinds of material on my own to delivering it with spontaneity, effortlessness, and care.
What will our sessions look like?
We meet every week for 12 weeks on Zoom.

In our 12 sessions, we tackle your immediate needs, like rehearsing a presentation or preparing an interview. Honing real-life utility is crucial and the material that we work on is brought by you.

In addition, I teach a toolbox of exercises: go-to quick fixes for building volume or improving diction, various warmups, and a foundation for vocal technique.

At the end of each session, I assign homework or ideas to consider between this meeting and the next.

I'm passionate about practical application (I'm a Capricorn!), so our space is used diligently and efficiently to strengthen what's on the docket at your workplace, school, or in your personal life.
Who do you coach?
My clients have included C-suite executives, general counsel, leaders in Big Tech, global health practitioners, scientists, and students ranging from middle schoolers all the way to PhD candidates.
How long is each session?
Each session is 50 minutes.
What does it cost?
This one-on-one, personalized coaching course is $2,500.

Payments are made through Stripe, and you have the option to pay in full or in two installments ($1,250 before the first session, and $1,250 at the halfway point).

"I often felt panicked right before having to speak or would sometimes panic during public speaking when put on the spot. Kim helped me put together a toolbox of strategies for dealing with some of my difficulties. She is a great listener and will help you get at the heart of your public speaking difficulties and help you prepare solutions."

Associate General Counsel
Public Tech Company

"While addressing my primary concern, pacing, Kim also helped me think about other elements of public speaking which I hadn't considered. I realized there was so much more I could be doing to improve my public speaking skills in order to be a really dynamic and confident speaker."

Public Health Professional
Global Social Welfare Organization

Sound like what you need?

The next step is to book a 30-minute complimentary consultation with me. On our call, we'll:
Declare and dive into your goals;
Pinpoint exactly the behaviors that are holding you back; and
Strategize your twelve weeks ahead.

I can't wait to meet you.

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